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A History of Sound: CDG Style

When you think about everything that a person experiences with the sense of sound it becomes apparent that to appeal to the best of it you must use the best.  For the last 22 years Capitol Design Group has done just that.  We believe in using products and manufactures that provide not only the best products but the best customer service as well.  As the industry has changed and the demands for better audio equipment have increased, Capitol Design Group and our partners have strived to provide cutting edge products that give our customers superior sound applications for their everyday use.

Capitol Design Group has provided products to customers ranging from theme parks to local churches showing that our experience and ability to cater to all types of clients keeps us a step above the rest.  Our different clients allow us the ability to keep up with all the newest products that support the smallest of home theater systems to the largest theme parks or major concert system setups.  Whatever the needs of our customers, we can cover it all with the partnership of our manufacturers who, like us, put quality and customer service first.

Sound Bytes: A look at the brands

When you sit down to plan out your sound system certain names jump out in your mind as "the best" or "high quality".  At Capitol Design Group we have partnered with industry leaders to provide these products to you.  Naturally everyone has their own ideas of who is "the best" in pro audio equipment.  We have taken all our expertise in combination with the requests and suggestions of our customers to integrate all the major providers in the industry on our line card.  We believe in providing exceptional service and products to our customers, we expect the same from the product lines we offer to our customers as well. 

Personal preference plays as much of a role in choosing a brand name for your audio needs as quality and service. With this in mind we have carefully chosen those manufacturers who, historically, have proven themselves to be everything a customer could need.  The ability to provide superior sound equipment, customer service, and pricing are important to everyone.  That is why Capitol Design Group works so hard to maintain the large network of manufactures available to our customers.  Choice is vital for every audio system designer and that is what Capitol Design Group offers.  The choice for excellence in price, quality, customer service, and variety of products.